mugo pine & bud-selection

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mugo pine & bud-selection

Post  leatherback on Sat Aug 25, 2012 12:17 pm

Hi All,

In June I bought a mugo - mops. A first on pines in my life!
In any case, I started by cleaning up the ball of green & dead branches, untill only the lowest viable branches were left. Then I removed all the new candles, leaving only the last few needles. After placing in a larger container -without disturbing the roots- I placed the tree in full sun, to stimulate back-budding. Well.. I guess I did alright: Dozens of buds all over the place: Some exactly where I wanted them, closer to the trunk than the older buds. Some however in clumps at the end of the branch. Now I am left with some questions:

- Can I trim long branchees back to the bud closest to the main trunk, or should I wait untill there are some neeldes there (So basicallu: Do this next summer)
- Can I remove the buds I do not want (e.g., remove all except for 2 of the buds that came in clumps)
- Any suggestions for srtyling? I was thinking semi-cascade?

I am now roughly 2 months before there is real risk of frost, so I guess andother month or so of growing season left.

Some pictures of the tree now:


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