Need advises On Chinese Swamp Cypress (Glyptostrobus pensilis)

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Need advises On Chinese Swamp Cypress (Glyptostrobus pensilis)

Post  Chiang Cheng Kooi on Fri Aug 03, 2012 1:44 pm

After noticing a tree with me small needle like leaves which I never seen before, I could not help wanting it. Went back my house browse thru the net, my first impression was Dawn Redwood however it turn out to be Chinese Swamp Cypress (Glyptostrobus pensilis) with alternate leaf (nursery from Malaysia import tree from China, Vietnam, Taiwan and Thailand). Despite the tree grow in colder climate compare to tropical Malaysia, I bought it anyway.
I hope someone who had growing experience with this tree or went to South China or Vietnam before, can advises me about the potting mix and if the pot this tree needs to be submerged partially in the water as it naturally condition is the swamp.
Chiang Cheng Kooi

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