[ Plant ID ] Conifer One

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[ Plant ID ] Conifer One

Post  keebod on Thu Jul 19, 2012 5:11 am


I'm new to the forum, and the art of bonsai. There isn't really much I can do to kickstart the learning process here. So, would be visiting Japan, initially for three months(tourist visa) abd do a fresher basics with a nursery with whom i'm in contact.

I bought few plants here and they are the only ones available here. The nursery gives names which they thought would suit it depending on how it looks. To get any information about how to grow, fertilize, care or maintain the plant, I would definitely need to know the proper and correct name of the plant. Either common name or the botanical name would be good, but the nursery given names here are wrong.

I'm posting the pictures of the plant from various angles, and also a trunk close up, and a leaf close up.

Thank you for the help in identifying the plant. If at all it's a bonsai friendly plant, or a regular shrub that looks like a confier leaves Neutral This doubt is because unlike the sharp harder feel of the pines i got to see in the Himalaya mountains, these needles just look like it, but very soft, and bends and no needly prickly feel :-S

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