WBFF 2013 Photo Contest

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WBFF 2013 Photo Contest

Post  Roger S Case on Tue Jun 26, 2012 11:56 pm

The World Bonsai Friendship Federation, WBFF, was formed by Japanese bonsai master Saburo Kato several decades ago with the dream of a world made more peaceful through bonsai; the North American Bonsai Federation is the North American adjunct to the WBFF which is following in the footsteps of its founder, John Y. Naka, in supporting Mr. Kato’s dream.

One means of encouraging the objectives of these bonsai pioneers was WBFF’s sponsorship of the first WBFF world-wide photo contest. This tradition continues into 2012, with WBFF again sponsoring a world-wide photo contest. The WBFF photo contest winners in 2012/2013 will receive their prizes and appropriate recognition at the WBFF international bonsai convention which will be held in Sept 2013 in Jingtan China. In addition to the grand award, a total of 200 trees representing all 9 regions of WBFF will receive formal recognition with photographs of these 200 bonsai entries exhibited during WBFF 2013, and a permanent record of the contest entries and winners will be available in full color hardbound book. WBFF strongly desires and encourages participation from bonsai lovers from the entire world.

Entries are being actively solicited from bonsai artists worldwide. Details of the contest rules are available at your regional WBFF website (depending upon your region of the world) or may be obtained on the North American Bonsai federation website at http://northamericanbonsaifederation.com/index.html”. The NABF site also contains email addresses to the WBFF regional coordinators who can also provide instructions as to how you can enter the contest if you are not from the North American region.
Roger S Case

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