pomegranate cascade

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pomegranate cascade

Post  mr_greggy on Sun May 27, 2012 5:42 pm

Hi people,

Just wanted to share and get some feedback and advice.

This is a pomegranate I bought from a nursery about a year ago. I have been trying to train it as a cascade, and so far have managed to at least keep it alive Smile Here is some snaps from the progression:

How i bought it:

First bending attempts:

March 2012, after it had lost all its leaves by the end of summer, and thankfully started budding again:

My dear pommie, about 2 weeks ago:

I guess if i hadnt been this eager, I would have planted it in the ground or bigger pot and wait for the trunk to thicken a bit more. I am not too sure to what extent it can take defoliation, cos I would like to reduce leaf size further. Pomegranates grow in the wild here, but I think I need to shade it this summer so it doesnt lose all its leaves like it did last year. Apparently they can be evergreens in this climate. I had over 20 flower buds, but only about 6-8 are now left. They fell off rather than developing into fruit. Is it too young to expect it to bear fruit? Any feedback and advice will be very much appreciated. Thanks

Btw. Malta should be Zone 10. Lows never reaching freezing, summers hitting as high as 100-110F.



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