My European Bonsai Tour.

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My European Bonsai Tour.

Post  Tony on Tue May 08, 2012 1:25 am

I am on my 17 day European Bonsai Tour, taking in the Noelanders club for a demo, another workshop in Belgium with a study group. A long Drive to Arco in Italy for the UBI where I have shown a tree. I am now with Enrico Savini working with him in his garden. Next I am off to stay with Matija Triglav in Slovenia, then on to Nik Rozman and the EBA event in Ljubljana. On my way home calling at Walter Palls and Christian Przybylski hopefully calling in on Jean Paul Polmas too! I will have driven a total of 3205 miles (according to Google maps) by the time I have returned home!

I am constantly updating my blog and uploading hundreds of photos whist on the road, you can read it : HERE

Tony Tickle.. "that's not your real name is it?"

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