Help: Pinus Mugo needles turning pale

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Help: Pinus Mugo needles turning pale

Post  David Noya on Sun Apr 29, 2012 5:32 pm

Hi all,

The past two or three days I see the needles in the upper part of my P.Mugo are turning pale. I do not know if it's a desiease or something.
I repotted it on the 18th this April. It had an enormous mass of feather roots and the fungus-thing myzo-something.
I also pinched maybe four or five candles to maybe 30% of their length. This was also on the apical buds in the upper part of the tree.

Can somebody inform me whether the change in color is related to the repotting which I assume or that it has an alternate reason.
Perhaps something I can do to return to a healthy darkgreen color??

A close up of the needles:

The branch at the left has its normal collor. The part at the right side of the picture has turned pale.


David Noya

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Re: Help: Pinus Mugo needles turning pale

Post  marcus watts on Sun Apr 29, 2012 6:36 pm

Mugos seem to be problematic at times - within our club so many die off, even some great trees have died at the hands of very experienced growers following repotting too. To lose colour inside 2 weeks all in one area means i think the top will probably die off - it could be further weakened by pinching the tips off too. I pruned off one long circling root on a scotts pine this spring and have lost a complete branch & pad from the top of the tree ! - you would neveer have guessed the root was the sole sap provider and the branch could not survive without it.

The only hope is that the few needles remaining on those shoots open enough to give strength to the area, but from the quite bare appearance of those branches and minimal foliage the tree could have done with a bit more free growth before trying to make it backbud maybe.

Best hope is no feed, get the wire off the top and dont let it get waterlogged - plus a little prayer to the pine god Very Happy

good luck


marcus watts

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Pinus mugo Needles Turning Pale

Post  bonsaisr on Sun Apr 29, 2012 9:34 pm

Sorry, that is the pine equivalent of risus sardonicus. The tree is probably dying. Next time repot this species in midsummer. And never style or wire it and repot the same year.


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Re: Help: Pinus Mugo needles turning pale

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